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We build semi-custom and custom aluminium sailing yachts from 42 to 50 feet, designed by Berckemeyer Yacht Design.

The design by Martin Menzner, a proven specialist for high-performance aluminium boats, skilfully mixes technical sailing details and special features.

Pure Yachts

Our first serial yacht Pure 42 is a semi-custom deck saloon with twin rudders, a protected propeller and, most importantly, a lifting keel that allows a variable draught from 1.2m to 3m for shallow water. The lifting keel with T-bomb is continuously adjustable. 

Pure 42

The features of the custom Pure 49 are a pilothouse, lifting keel, double rudder, water ballast tanks, carbonmast,  fathead-mainsail, genoa, self-tacking jib, code zero, and gennaker.

Pure 49

The custom yacht Pure 50 is already under construction in our yard.

Pure 50


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